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According to legaldictionary.net, “Natural law is the philosophy that certain rights, moral values, and responsibilities are inherent in human nature, and that those rights can be understood through simple reasoning. In other words, they just make sense when you consider the nature of humanity. Throughout history, the phrase “natural law” has had to do with determining how humans should behave morally. The law of nature is universal, meaning that it applies to everyone in the same way.”

Today, I talk with Jeff Silver about his journey of learning what it means to be a “Natural Man” and how we can benefit morally and legally under this law. We also discuss the difference between Natural Law and Commonlaw.

Season 2, Episode 6 Video

Show Notes

What does it look like in the real world? Watch a natural man exercising his rights in the courtroom.


See Introduction Videos on the proclamation of peace: https://kodfreedom.org/

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