Why Liberty, Why Now?

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Because freedom ROCKS and Globalism does not. LIBERTY means freedom and justice (rule of law) for all, not a select few. Liberty stands against tyranny and all systems that would oppress and enslave populations. Liberty protects individual rights, enables innovation and raises living standards. The U.S. Constitution is a shining example of safeguards to our freedom of speech, due process, free exercise of religion and self-determination. However, Globalism and the rising Technocracy are posing a worldwide threat to our most fundamental freedoms, NOW.

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While Globalism promises a “One World” utopia, it is in fact an ideology fundamentally at odds with national soverignty1. Thanks to “globalization” and international trade agreements like NAFTA, Western society is rapidly diverging from the course set by America’s Founding Fathers. On a line graph moving from “free society” to “tyranny”, we are near the puck end of a hockey stick. Political Correctness has paved the way and silenced the true liberals whose philosophy has been “live and let live”. We no longer have the luxury of quiet tolerance.

If we hope to maintain our individual liberties, then we must collectively participate in our own governance. We need to remember the role of government and when our elected employees stray from their role, they must be held accountable.

Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.

1 See A Case Against Globalism by Emina Melonic| November 30th, 2017: “The concept of globalism burdens American society, and this encumbrance comes mainly from the political and social Left. We rarely discuss what globalism is and many Americans don’t seem to see the grave dangers that it represents. We hear phrases like “global citizenship,” or “citizen of the world,” which are supposed to evoke an air of cosmopolitanism, or signal some admirable openness to compassionate dialogue among people and nations but these intellectual sensations are deceptive. Globalism is not that. ” 

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