May 22, 2023
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Today I want to ZERO IN on article on Zero Hedge.  Which by the way is a great website for current events and financial information.


You Are Not Alone, Anger Is Building Across The World!

(ya think?) From the article:

“You are not alone if you are tired of watching your government grow increasingly oppressive and corrupt. Many people across the world share your pain. People continue to voice their anger and discontent, however, this is something the media often chooses not to report for it is owned by those same forces which are attempting to enslave us. Those on the left referred to the right as fascist or Nazi while those on the right refer to the left as communist. 

This tends to overlook the fact that both groups are rooted in wanting to expand control. The truth is that the angst and growing anger many people feel is kept under control by a mass media with a very strong agenda. Mass media has perfected the art of dividing us and at the same time keeping us in the dark. The greatest risk we face may be that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming at us fast and furious. Once it is here getting information will become almost impossible. 

And further on:

“There are simply too many things happening for the bulk of society to stay focused on any one issue. “

Link to article:

What’s the answer? 

(Hold up ONE finger)

Does this mean “hold on a minute”?  Does it indicate the number ONE?  Are you pointing up?


Let me elaborate…

There was a classic scene in the movie City Slickers where the old cowboy Curly played by Jack Palance holds up one finger and gives Billy Crystal his advice for a meaningful life- here’s that clip:

It was great advice- but this article got me going on a bit of a gestalt.  The ONE gesture has more meaning beyond Curley’s advice.

YES, AI is a big threat and this one finger could indicate the SINGULARITY- the time when the abilities of a computer overtake the abilities of the human brain— which according the Ray Kurzweil will occur in about 2045. And I agree this could be a real threat.  But before going down that rabbit hole, 

I am also saying that it is a reminder hold on a minute before we start battling the tentacles of tyranny trying to strangle us. Because they are many.  Try to keep in mind that the enemy knows this.  Divide and conquer is not just a passé slogan.  It’s an active plan.  Henry David Thoreau said “For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.”  So let’s always try to see where these things may be connected-  like the Transgender/Transhumanism agenda for example.  Why are the UN, World Economic Forum and governments so interested in lower and lower ages of consent for gender affirming therapies and surgeries?  Could it be to support their bigger agenda of reducing world populations?  Whether you believe that’s the intention- you’d better believe it’s going to be a consequence!

Article from Stuff, New Zealand, complaining about the long wait for “Gender Affirming” surgeries:

From the World Economic Forum:

LGBT school lessons protests spread nationwide:

So let’s not to get caught up in their political, racial and gender division tactics and remember the other famous quote by Benjamin Franklin: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”  We need to be united as ONE

The ONE gesture can also mean…

Behind every narrative, whether I understand it or not, 

Whether I choose to accept it or not,

there is no such thing as my truth or your truth, despite what Oprah Winfrey says about it.  Nobody owns it.  Facts don’t care about my opinions.  Something can only be a fact or not.  There is ALWAYS AND ONLY only ONE truth.  

Saying that, 

I’m also holding up ONE finger because I believe there is only ONE GOD. We can argue about whether we believe that or not, but it’s either true or not.  Just one truth. If you’re waiting for absolute proof, you’ll probably have to wait until your funeral.  The problems we face are many but I believe the enemy is really ONE.  And at the end of all this, the SOLUTION is only one.  That’s why I’m also pointing up.

You could also take this to mean we need to LOOK UP to the sky once in a while and SEE that geoengineering is real and not a conspiracy theory.  We need to quit playing dumb and pretending it’s not happening.  Chemtrails are not the same as condensation trails.  ENMOD, or weather modification is very real. Just look up US Patent US5003186A

And anyone older that 40 will probably remember when jet trails dissipated within a few minutes.  Today that is a rare sight.  There are patents for adding aluminium dioxide and barium salts to jet fuel.  Whether you think global warming is as serious as hyped to be, who gets to decide we have the right to dump toxic chemicals into the atmosphere?  And is that really any better?

I’ll give you the links in the show notes

US Patent US5003186A

Weather Engineering and its Undesirable Side Effects on the Environment, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Human Health

2006 UN Council discussion on geo engineering

Ok, I’ll wrap up with one more example

After the US Congress declared independence from England, the Revolutionary War began. America unilaterally rejected being represented by people in London and refused obedience to people they felt weren’t representing them well. 

The First Continental Congress, acknowledged that America was a melting pot with people from many different backgrounds, but all fleeing from tyrants in England, Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, and Holland, and all seeking a place where they could live their lives in peace.

To sum up- all these things coming at us from all different directions, is a latin phrase, the first motto of the United States of America, approved by the Congress in 1782

E Pluribus Unum, which translates to “out of many, one.” 

So if it helps you when you start feeling overwhelmed by all their attacks and distractions, just re-focus and remember the answer: ONE

That’s me for today.  Until next time, BE GOOD.   Do the right thing, and keep asking questions!

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