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Apr 24, 2024
On Anarchy with Michael Storm
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Michael Storm is a comic book shop owner, writer for Cop-Block, former street activist and a truth-seeker. His podcast “Toward Anarchy” is beneficial to anyone seeking to distance themselves from the collective and find individual liberty.
He says that “Contrary to conventional misconception Anarchy is not chaos or even controlled order. Anarchy is the natural, predominant state of being. This is proven through all of our uncounted and uncountable voluntary interactions made without the need for or consideration of self-appointed authority. So many that statistically authority doesn’t exist.” More at https://www.towardanarchy.com/

In this episode we discuss how his conception of Anarchy squares with Capitalism, von Mises and the Austrian School of Economics. We also dig into “The Shirky Principle” and the threat of AI systems.

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Show Notes

Listen to Michael Storm’s podcast at https://www.towardanarchy.com/listen-to-toward-anarchy.php

Learn more about the “Shirky Principle” https://effectiviology.com/shirky-principle/

Download and read The Redemption Manual https://www.docdroid.net/DwbJ0dY/the-commercial-redmption-manual-by-robert-d-sparkman-pdf

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