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Derek Tait is a New Zealand native, father, grandfather, activist and lighting rod to the mainstream media and political left. These days, it seems redundant to say MSM and political left- as though they were separate things. Although the MSM would paint him as a radical racist purveyor of “hate speech” Derek is actively working to unify multiple parties in New Zealand under the Freedoms New Zealand umbrella in hopes of bringing human rights, family values and accountability back to NZ politics.

Listen to episode 50 now- and judge for yourself if his message needs to be heard.

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Show Notes

Follow or contact @DerekTait on Telegram https://t.me/derektait

or Twitter: https://twitter.com/DerekHTait

Learn more about Freedoms New Zealand policies https://www.freedomsnz.org.nz/

Freedoms and Rights Coalition: https://www.tfrc.org.nz/

Derek being shouted down by raging counter-protestors


Wealthy Elites seeking unvaccinated pilots:


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