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Mar 29, 2024
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So remember when “chemtrails” were just a conspiracy theory?

Well the state of Tennessee just passed bill HB 2063 / SB 2691 to ban what? Geo Engineering (aka CHEM TRAILS)

And yet even now, CNN and the MSM STILL deny it and think we’re stupid or just trying to wear us down with gaslighting. See the article below.

The truth behind those white streaks trailing behind jets in the sky

Read more:

This is one more reason why you should consider growing your vegetables in a GREEN HOUSE. Among other things, the chemicals being constantly sprayed on us may include titanium oxide, silicon oxide, zirconium oxide, or glass, and may contain platelets of mica or metal or crystals of olivine, or other reflective material such as a thin mirror layer of aluminum.

See patent US8033879B2 Biophysical geoengineering compositions and methods

This has been one of those issues quietly going on in the background and doesn’t get as much attention because we’ve got so many things competing for our attention down here and so much noise- and things like, you know, World War III.

The passing of HB 2063 / SB 2691 are just what’s needed to FINALLY bring proper attention to this very real, government-run health threat.

And for those who may know but don’t care, or they think it’s a good thing for the sake of global warming, you might ask

WHO gets to decide what is the best or safest method to handle it?

Who pays for it? Did you vote?

Do you know what chemicals are being used?

What are the side effects on our health and environment down here on the ground?

If it’s really working, why aren’t we hearing about the successes? Why is the climate alarmism still getting louder?

If it’s so great, why is it so secret? Why are they still denying it?

Show Notes

Tennessee passes HB 2063 / SB 2691

Download the bill

Learn more about Geo-Engineering and Weather Modification:

Aquaponics: How You Can Grow 10 Times The Food In Half The Time:

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