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Today we’re talking about the coming financial chaos, part of Klaus Schwab’s GREAT RESET. And while we are being distracted by Netflix and Trump indictment news, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been planning how to force us into using the new Central Bank Digital Currencies. According to the WEF, at a meeting in China this July, governments will be able to program these CBDCs with expiry dates and be able to restrict undesirable purchases. While I am no financial adviser, I won’t be recommending adoption of CBDCs! My guest today IS a Financial Coach and we’ll be talking about some of these things and his new book, God’s Way to Financial Freedom.

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Show Notes

Learn about Financial Freedom and get the first chapter of Joe’s book free: https://www.tivaldi.com/call-to-action

Learn about “Law” vs “Legal”: http://www.lawandmankind.com/

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