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Today we’re going to talk about the another humanitarian issue- the border crisis in the US- this is happening all over the world. In this episode, we zoom in on the crisis at the southern border of the US. I’ll introduce you to Johnny Voogt who works as an interpreter for the DSHS (US Dept of Health and Human Services). We’ll get his take on what’s going on there.

And we get to the real victims- the children who had no choice, being put in danger, in horrible conditions waiting to get in, many are separated from their parents and many of these are vulnerable to abuse. You’ll also hear a report by Greg Reese with actor Jim Caviezel exposing the practice of adrenochroming and child sex trafficking and worse.

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Show Notes

Who is responsible for the massive increase in illegal border crossings? Are they refugees or are they being given getting economic incentives?

Judicial Watch Uncovers USDA Records Sponsoring U.S. Food Stamp Program for Illegal Aliens

Refugees swamp kids with smoke and hit them until they cry. Turkey-Greece border

Video: Alex Jones stops illegal child smuggling at the Texas border


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