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Yes I know it’s been a long Spring/Summer break from this podcast and I really appreciate you sticking with me as I get back in the saddle here. 

If you’ve been paying any attention at all the last couple of years I’m sure that you, like me have been doing what you can to prepare for whatever the world throws at us next… I’m sure you’re very aware of threat of the technocracy, CBDCs, the surveillance state, censorship and globalism at the heart of it all.

That’s why we’re here- not just to wake people up to the corruption, but explore solutions in these unprecedented times.  

And I know I’m not the only voice out there which is great-  we’re seeing more and more people talking about the New World Order and I hope that you can help me get the word out to wake your friends and family so that we have more people working to DO something about it.

in fact during my time off, I’ve been working on some some exciting things behind the scenes so do stay tuned for future episodes.  We’ll continue to expose the corrupt NWO, but at the same time they’re rolling out their plans, we need to be prepared.

That doesn’t mean we give up on the current system- we’ve had some major victories getting common-sense freedom fighters in to local councils and governments around the world.  But at the same time we need to be working on our own parallel economy.  So if you feel this podcast is helpful and you want to learn more about what we’re doing in our local communities to survive and thrive, please consider supporting this podcast with your prayers, and financial support.

In episode 43, I chat with “Dr. X” about the NZ PM’s “early retirement”, Boston Dynamics latest robot stunt, SBDCs and more.

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